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Puff Pastry Mini Pizza Snacks - Recipe

Puff Pastry Mini Pizza Snacks are a great idea for a delicious and really quick oven baked snack. This simple recipe is perfect as finger food for parties, birthdays and other occasions. Great either hot or cold.

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Puff Pastry Mini Pizza Snacks - By happystove.com


  • Level: Easy
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Total time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings


  • Puff Pastry (frozen, in sheets)

    8 oz
  • Tomato Sauce

    6 oz
  • Mozzarella Cheese

    3 slices
  • Oregano (optional)

  • Salt

    to taste
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Cooking Directions:

Thaw the puff pastry to room temperature for about 10 minutes. Lay the sheet on a plain surface and cut in squares of about 1 inch or rounds of the same size.

Lightly grease with some butter a baking tray or use baking paper. Lay the mini pizzas at least 1/2 inch apart.

Prepare the tomato sauce by mixing to it some oregano. Adjust with salt if desired.

Top each puff pastry square with one teaspoon of tomato sauce.

Lay a small piece of mozzarella cheese on top of each mini pizza.

Cook in the previously heated oven at 400F for about 20-25 minutes or until the mini pizzas are slightly golden-brown. Do not overcook to maintain them crispy but not burnt.

Serve immediately if you desire an hot snack or let cool to serve at a later time.


You can top the mini pizzas with your favorite toppings such as pepperoni, jalapeños, bell red peppers, mushrooms, blue cheese, brie cheese, onions, capers or as you like.

An anchovy fillet added to the tomato sauce turns out really yummy.

thank you! from the happy stove team.
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